Jeff grew up on Stonebridge Trail.
I lived on Elm Street.

Jeff is a Chicago native who grew up in suburbia, and I grew up in the middle of the forest in Northwest Pennsylvania. Starting out hundreds of miles apart, we were blissfully unaware that in the coming years, we would share one roof, fall madly in love, and have a precious child of our own!

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    I met Jeff just days after I moved to North Carolina & we hit it off immediately. At the time he was working for the same NASCAR team as my older brother Ryan. They had become great friends before I even came into the picture!

It was a no-brainer that he was my perfect match- We both love hiking with our dogs, are self-proclaimed history nerds, and have a deep passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Now if only we could agree on which Hockey team is the best... (Obviously, the Penguins).

We have built a home that is bursting with love between us, our two furbabies, and our three year old daughter Aelynn. When we aren't celebrating weddings with all of our amazing couples, you can usually find us snuggled up on the couch watching the latest scary movie or a true crime series (depending on who has control of the remote)! 

We often get asked the question "Why?" 
What drives us to want to forge our own path in an industry that is so different than what we were doing just a few short years ago?

Our answer is honestly a very heavy one, but one that we feel the need to share because it truly makes us value what we do for our couples and families every single time we step behind our cameras.

In March of 2016 Ryan, my brother, the very man that introduced Jeff into my life, passed away in his sleep peacefully, but very suddenly. It shook my entire family to our core, and we are still trying to find solace with it to this very day.

 When such a catastrophic event happens, you reach for anything and everything that will keep your memories alive for just a moment longer. Stories, objects, but more often than not, photographs. Pictures of the smiles, the laughs, the bond that you had that can no longer be seen. When that time came I felt as if I should have had more pictures and more memories captured. I felt scared that I might forget some of the little details that made our relationship so special.

It is so important to us that we share our intimate history with you, because you will be trusting us with some of your most precious moments.

 It is truly what drives us to be our best and our "Why" when it comes to the foundation of our business. We want to help others tell their story by capturing that one smirk, the laughs, and the hugs between family members because we know first hand how utterly priceless those images can be.

We Actually met the day after Valentine's Day!

Nancy Drew is my spirit animal!

The man behind the magic! Aside from being an awesome photographer, Jeff handles all the behind the scenes business tasks- it's a hard job but someone has to do it! We want to make booking and ordering from us as easy as possible so we are constantly finding better ways to work for you.

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The main contact and woman in charge of the entire Client Experience! We have cultivated our planning process, from start to finish, with the intention to WOW every single one of our couples. From planning guides to album designs our main goal is to make sure you know how much we value you!

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