Amber and Justin’s Engagement Session

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Amber and Justin have a connection like no other! We were thrilled when they first contacted us about capturing their love story for them. We started discussing locations and went back and forth with some great options until Justin suggested we go to Henry River Mill Village in Burke County, NC. We knew right away that this spot was going to be insanely amazing for pictures! If you’re not familiar with the name, you have probably seen the village on the big screen without even knowing it! The abandoned village was the set for District 12 in the Hunger Games movie! How cool is that?! Justin had been going to the village since he was a boy, so it was absolutely fitting that we came to do their engagements here!

The weather was nothing short of amazing for their session. It was a crisp fall day with soooo much great light. The way it fell onto amber’s hair was absolutely magical! I swear, if I did not know better, I would say these two were professional models! Their love for each other was so easy to capture- Amber’s face lit up with every corny joke Justin cracked. They are so adorable together and we can’t think of a better fit for them!

Amber and Justin were such troopers throughout the entire session! When I suggested some crazy, hard to get to locations they were both all for it! We ran through overgrown fields, crept through abandoned houses, and dodged quite a few rusty nails, but the pictures speak for themselves- every location was SO worth the effort!

We are so excited for Justin and Amber to tie the knot in October because we are absolutely positive that their connection will only continue to grow stronger each day and will shine through on their wedding day!

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